Our Administration

TRV's Executive

TRV's executive has responsibility for the overall operation of TRV. The executive was recently restructured to separate the policy and framework functions from its day to day operations.

Treasurer (Receivable/Payable) Mailing address: PO Box 160 BAXTER VIC 3911

Secretary (Memberships/Correspondence) Mailing address: PO Box 393 WARRNAMBOOL VIC 3280

TRV Council Members

President John Hopkins Email
Vice President Julie Holcombe Email
Secretary Janey Preston Email
Treasurer Julie Romanoff Email
Councillor Neil Davis Email
Councillor Ken Hart Email
Councillor Ewan Watson Email

TRV Management

The day to day running of TRV is handled by managers whose responsibilities are determined according to their area of 'function'.

Indoor Convenor Julie Holcombe Email
Outdoor Convenor Neil Davis Email
Judging Convenor Dennis Peacock Email
State Team Captain Trevor Drage Email
State Team Vice Captain Dean Romanoff Email
State Coach TBA Email
Membership Grader Chris Lott Email
Newsletter Editor Courtney Karamoshos Email
Webmaster James Daly / Chris Lott Email
Target Steward Robert Spratt Email
Ammunition Steward Julie Holcombe Email
Trophy Steward TBC Email

Working with Children Policy

Please read the TRV Working with Children Policy. A username and password is required to view the Policy. If you don't have a username/password feel free to contact us via the Feedback Form. Please add your Name and TRV Rego number on the form.