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Prone Shooting

Prone Shooting is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games Sport.

As the name suggests competitors lay down on a ground sheet and the rifle is supported by means of a sling attached from the upper arm to the rifle. Distances shot are 20, 50 and 90 Metres, and a normal match consists of 60 business shots fired within 75 minutes. Most clubs shoot on a standard 20 shot paper target. So a match will consist of three details, each firing 20 business or competition shots, with a short break between details to change the paper target. If Electronic target machines are available then the entire 60 shot match is shot without a break.


Each competition shot fired can score a maximum of 10 points. Each target has a inner ten (or in old terminology a "Bulls Eye", to score a 10 the bullet has to touch or clip this inner ten. But if a shooter has a perfect shot and eliminates the inner ten then they score extra, the total number of points and inner tens will decide the final score for the shooter.

Prone Targets

In Prone the 20 metre card has 11 targets on it, the very centre one been used for sighting in the rifle, then one competition shot is fired into each of the other 10 targets. The 50 metre card has 5 targets on it, again the very centre one is used for sighting in the rifle, then 5 competition shots are fired into each of the 4 targets. The 90 metre card has 3 targets, usually the bottom target is used to sight in the rifle, then 10 competition shots are fired into each of the other 2 targets.

20 Metre Prone Card

50 Metre Prone Card

90 Metre Prone Card

Upcoming Events

26th of May - Misc 64th Anniversary Shoot

1st of June - Warren Potent & Grahame Lawler Round 2

8th to 9th of June - North West Victorian Championships

Pennant Series

2019 50m Prone (Pennant)

2019 10m Air Rifle (Pennant)

2019 10m Air Rifle Supported (Pennant)

2019 20m Bench (Pennant)